Activate Your Hustle December 17 2013

Change is inevitable but growth is intentional. Everyone desires to be successful but few are willing to go through the tests and trials to achieve such success. If it were easy, everyone would be successful. Hustle requires a consistent effort to be everything, lacking nothing; you were purposed on this earth to be.

Growing up with a Chemistry teacher for a mother, I was forced to learn everything there was to know about science. I coined the term, Activating Your Hustle, recalling my chemistry knowledge. I ran across so many people with ideas, plans and even a deep down desires to see things differently for their lives. But the one thing they lacked is hustle. They failed to activate that laser focused, by any means necessary approach to achieving their goals. And I am so passionate about it because we all posses it! But it just simply needs to be “activated” by a made up mind.

My mom will be so proud of my explanation since growing up, I pretended not to care for chemistry much. You see, in chemistry, atoms and molecules (your hustle & dreams) react with one another to form new compounds (your success). In order for reactions to happen, energy (your mindset) must be used to activate the atoms or molecules (your hustle & dreams) to start the chemical reaction (your road to success). This is called activation energy. In visual terms, imagine that the atoms or molecules must first move uphill. They need something to help them get there; that is the activation energy. Once the reaction starts, everything rolls downhill and you’re well on your way! So you see why this concept excites me? Because when a slight change in energy and mindset occurs, the shift that happens in a person’s life is amazing!

Follow your heart's desires and dreams without distractions. You can do anything that you set your mind to do. Some may need more accountability to be consistent than others but once the hustle is “activated” once, it is very unlikely you can turn back. Hustle allows you to taste your success and allows you to be able to see the finish line before you arrive. The hustle brings such an adrenaline rush that is fueled by faith and hope. Be careful not to have hustle on overdrive to the point of being arrogant or demeaning to others who have not yet activated their hustle. Be mindful, they simply don’t know how or have a bit of mindset work that needs to happen first. Rather, allow your hustle to be a motivation to others.


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